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Little Ones - Tumbled Crystal Kit

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This beautiful crystal kit helps to support your littlest loves on their journey through childhood. Children can experience big emotions as they learn to navigate the world around them, and this crystal kit has been loving designed to help support them through their transition journey.

Chosen for their healing and vibrational qualities, these crystals also have the added benefit of being physically enticing and interesting for your little ones to explore, helping to build a connection between the crystals and your child.

These crystals can be placed in your little one's room to omit gentle and peaceful vibrations. They can also be carried with them in a baby bag or school bag. Older children may also enjoy carrying them in their pocket.

Due to the small nature of these crystals and potential choking hazards, young children should be supervised at all times whilst exploring their crystals.

  • Rose Quartz - Love and compassion
  • Howlite - Calm and peaceful emotions
  • Amethyst - Harmony & balance, assistance with sleep
  • Dalmatian Jasper - Playfulness and fun, helping create friendships
  • Tree Agate - Alignment to mother nature, assists with feelings of stability and grounding
  • Black Tourmaline - Protection from negativity
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